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         The main applications of HSS in cutting tools are drills, taps, 

         milling cutters, hobs, broaches, etc. The material used to 

         manufacture the tool must have high high temperature 

         hardness and wear resistance, the necessary flexural 

         strength, impact toughness and chemical inertness,

         good workmanship (cutting, forging and heat 

         treatment, etc.) and be resistant to deformation.

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         In the dies application is divided into cold work steel, hot 

         woold steel.Cold work steel mostly work at room temperature, 

         the plastic deformation resistance of the material is large, 

         the working stress of the mould is large, the working 

         conditions are harsh, integrated this kind of mould 

         performance generally requires high hardness and wear 

         resistance, sufficient strength, appropriate toughness.

         Hot steel for a long time in high temperature and high 

         pressure conditions, therefore, require mold materials with 

         high strength, hardness and thermal stability, especially 

         should be high thermal strength, thermal fatigue, toughness 

         and wear resistance.

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        When material is to be separated, slotted, granulated or 

        chipped, the tools that can be used are knives. Knives can 

        come in a variety of forms, from flat tools with a very sharp 

        cutting edge, to round tools with several cutting edges. 

        They can be used for a variety of materials and applications 

        including: cutting wood, textiles, paper, plastic, rubber, metals. 

        In the field of cutting inserts, what is required is good dimensional 

        stability, hardness and wear resistance of the cutting tool edges.

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        The twin-screw element is the most widely used element in 

        today's co-rotating twin-screw compound extruders. Extrusion 

        process can be seen, the screw is in high temperature, a 

        certain corrosion, strong wear, high torque work, therefore, 

        the screw must be high temperature, high temperature, no 

        deformation; wear resistance, long life; corrosion resistance, 

        high strength, can withstand high torque, high speed;, with 

        good cutting performance. Small residual stress after heat 

        treatment, small thermal deformation, etc.

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