Spray Forming HSS

Production Process:

Spray-formed high-speed steel also belongs to powder metallurgy high-speed steel. Spray forming is an advanced technology for the preparation of high-performance materials by means of rapid solidification.This technology eliminates the problem of macrosegregation of components and has the organizational characteristics of powder metallurgy. First, the raw materials are heated into molten metal, and then gas atomized; under the action of the gas jet, the droplets are accelerated to fly and rapidly cooled; when the high-speed flying droplets collide in the precipitator, the spherical particles are impacted by the impact. It becomes flat to form a sputtering sheet; the particles solidify rapidly through the cooling effect of the precipitator, and accumulate and form under the action of self-fluxing.


  • Fine grains, carbides are evenly distributed in granular form carbides.

  • Inhibit macrosegregation of alloying elements.

  • Excellent mechanical properties after heat treatment.

  • Better strength and toughness than high-quality electroslag steel.

  • Lifetime close to powder metallurgy high-speed steel.

  • Improve domestic material quality but with lower cost.

  • Perfectly replace and surpass imported electroslag remelting materials.

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