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The national key research and development plan "key basic material technology improvement and industrialization" key project has entered the implementation stage in an all-round way. The realization of the goal has laid a solid foundation. The High-tech Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology held a working meeting of the general expert group of the key special project of "Key Basic Material Technology Improvement and Industrialization" in Shanghai on April 12-13, 2019. Professor Pan Feng, leader of the special overall expert group, academician Nie Zuoren, deputy leader, and all members attended the meeting. Deputy Director Bian Shuguang of the High Technology Center and relevant personnel of the special project office attended the meeting.

At the meeting, the relevant personnel of the Central Special Office introduced the "National Key R&D Program Comprehensive Performance Evaluation Work Specifications (Trial)" and the recent main management work plan. The overall expert group and the three direction groups (metal materials, chemical building materials, light industry textiles) respectively exchanged important progress of the project, and focused on discussing the concise ideas and selection principles of special major achievements; combined with the mid-term inspection of the project, discussed the promotion of the project The management measures to be implemented; for the projects to be carried out in the mid-term inspection, the core key technical and scientific issues to be solved in each technical direction have been extracted. The expert group and the special project office also jointly discussed the work plan to promote the upgrading of industry technology and meet the needs of industries and localities. After the meeting, the special office also organized relevant experts to conduct special research on textile technology in Donghua University and Jiangsu Shenghong Group.

In his concluding speech, Deputy Director Bian Shuguang expressed his sincere gratitude to the work of the expert group, and emphasized that key basic materials are an important support for the development of the national economy. Significance. Regarding the next step of the expert group's work, Director Bian put forward several requirements: First, we must sort out the existing achievements and reflect the systematicness of technical achievements, in order to complete the "13th Five-Year" goals and solve the pain points in related fields at this stage The second is to further implement the management work under the background of "decentralization, management and service", integrate management into services, and use project groups as the starting point to promote the connection of upstream and downstream industrial chains; third, learn Grasp the spirit and requirements of the national science and technology reform policy, better carry out comprehensive performance evaluation work, and achieve simplicity, efficiency, and high quality; Fourth, we must pay attention to technology verification and achievement promotion, strengthen linkages with local and industry departments, and give full play to local, industry It plays an important role in promoting the transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements.

Zhejiang Zhengda New Material Technology Co., Ltd. (Yishengte) successfully passed the acceptance inspection in 2018.

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